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Bilvastakam - Bilvastakam

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One night of every year is celebrated as night of Shiva...JOIN from Where Ever You Live March 10th 2013 http://goo.gl/wdgjxI offer Śiva one Bilvapatra, Which has three leaves, Which signifies the three qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas, Which has three leaves like the three eyes [of Śiva], Which resembles the three categories of weapon, and Which absolves the sins of three births.||1||I will pray Śiva with bilva leaves, Which have three shoots, Which are soft and free of holes, and Which are auspicious. I offer one leaf of Bilva to Śiva.||2||When Nandikeśvara is adored with an undivided Bilva-leaf, then all the sins get purged. I offer one leaf of Bilva to Śiva.||3||The offer one leaf of Bilva to Śiva is possibly equal to the spiritual bliss attained by the offer of a śāligrāma stone to a Brahman.||4||Giving millions of elephants in charity, performing hundreds of Vājapeya sacrifice, or giving away millions of daughters in marriage equal the offering of one Bilva-leaf to Śiva.||5||I offer a Bilva-tree to Śiva, Which is born from the breast of Lakṣmī, and Which is dear to Mahādeva. I offer one leaf of Bilva to Śiva.||6||The sight and touch of a Bilva-tree absolves the sins, even the most heinous of sins. I offer one leaf of Bilva to Śiva.||7||Having seen the region of Kāśī, having seen the temple of Kālabhairava, and having seen Mādhava in Prayāga, I offer one leaf of Bilva to Śiva.||8||The base of Bilva-leaf represents Brahma, the middle represents Viṣṇu, and the top represents Śiva. I offer one leaf of Bilva to Śiva.||9||.Those who recite this sacred Bilvāṣṭkam near Śiva shall be freed from all the sins and will attain the abode of Śiva.||10||

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