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Rubiks Cube - How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Faster - Introduction to F2L

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In this tutorial, I explain different ways we can optimize our solve times, however, focus on the easier of the F2L (First Two Layers) cases. These cases should give you an idea of how to Solve a Rubik's Cube Faster once you have practiced a bit.Some ways of becoming faster, these are broken down into two categories:Physical:- Buying a Speedcube (many speedcubers, including myself recommend Type A)- Lubricate your cube. I recommend CRC Heavy Duty Silicone, but I have also heard from various speedcubers that Jig-A-Loo works well also.- Practice Finger Tricks. You can't go very far moving each face with your entire hand, so exercise those pointer fingers! Mental: - Memorization of different algorithms, e.g. F2L algorithms, OLL, PLL, etc.- Understanding how the cube works. You need to know what you can and cannot do. When you mess up the cross, you need to be sure to fix it. When lifting pieces or "hiding" pieces (in this tutorial), you need to be careful not to break up other pieces, etc.In THIS tutorial, I will mainly focus on explaining different types of F2L cases in which the corner and the edge piece it needs to match up with are on the TOP/UP layer. I explain how to match pieces up, hide corners, hide edges, and explain the importance of the "Simplest" F2L case.I hope that this tutorial gives you some new insight into the world of speedcubing. If you enjoy this video, please rate 5 stars, comment, and subscribe so you can know when I release more tutorials/videos! Thanks for watching :-)

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