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Sri Maha Lakshmi 108 Ashtotharam - Sri Maha Lakshmi 108 Ashtotharam

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Namastesthu Mahaamaaye Sreepeete SurapujitheSankha Chakra Gadhaa Hasthe Mahaalakshmi NamosthutheOm Prakruthyai NamahaOm Vikrithyai NamahaOm Vidyayai NamahaOM Sarwabutahitapradayai NamahaOM Shradhayai NamahaOM Vibhutyai NamahaOM Surabyai NamahaOM Paramatmikayai NamahaOM Vaache NamahaOM Padmalayayai NamahaOM Padmayai NamahaOm Suchayai NamahaOM Swahayai NamahaOM Swadayai NamahaOM Sudhayai NamahaOM Dhanyayai NamahaOM Hiranmayyai NamahaOM Lakshmyai NamahaOM Nityapushtayai NamahaOM Vibhavaryai NamahaOM Adityai NamahaOM Dityai NamahaOM Deeptayai NamahaOM Vasudayai NamahaOM Vasudharinyai NamahaOM Kamalayai NamahaOM Kanthayai NamahaOM Kamakshyai NamahaOM Krodasambavayai NamahaOM Anugrahapradayai NamahaOM Budhaye NamahaOM Anaghayai NamahaOM Harivallabayai NamahaOM Ashokayai NamahaOM Amrutayai Namaha OM Deeptayai NamahaOM Lokashokavinasinyai NamahaOM Dharmanilayayai NamahaOM Karunayai NamahaOM Lokamatre Namaha OM Padmapriyayai NamahaOM Padmahastayai NamahaOM Padmakshyai NamahaOM Padamsundaryai NamahaOM Padmodbhavayai NamahaOM Padmamukhyai NamahaOM Padmanabapriyayai NamahaOM Ramaayai NamahaOM Padmamaladharayai NamahaOM Devyai NamahaOM Padminyai NamahaOM Padmagandinyai NamahaOM Punyagandayai NamahaOM Suprasannayai NamahaOM Prasadabhimukhyai NamahaOM Prabhayai NamahaOM Chandravadhanayai NamahaOM Chandrayai NamahaOM Chandrasahodaryai NamahaOM Chaturbhujayai NamahaOM Chandraroopayai NamahaOM Indirayai NamahaOM Indusheethalayai NamahaOM Ahladajanyai NamahaOM Pushtyai NamahaOM Shivayai NamahaOM Shivakaryai NamahaOM Satyai NamahaOM Vimalayai NamahaOM Vishwajananyai Namaha OM Pustayai NamahaOM Dharidhryanashinyai NamahaOM Preetipuskarinyai NamahaOM Shantayai NamahaOM Shuklamalyambarayai NamahaOM Shriyai NamahaOM Bhaskaryai NamahaOM Bilvanilayayai NamahaOM Vararohayai NamahaOM Yashasvinyai Namaha OM Vasundarayai NamahaOM Udarangayai NamahaOM Harinyai NamahaOM Hemamalinyai NamahaOM Dhanadhanyakaryai NamahaOM Sidhaye NamahaOM Sthrainyasoumyayai NamahaOM Shubhapradhayai NamahaOM Nrupaveshmagatanandhayai NamahaOM Varalakshmai NamahaOM Vasupradhyai NamahaOM Shubayai NamahaOM Hiranyaprakarayai NamahaOM Samudratanayayai NamahaOM Jayayai NamahaOM Mangalayai NamahaOM Vishnuvakshastalastitayai NamahaOM Vishnupatnai NamahaOM Prasanakshyai Namaha OM Narayanasamashritayai NamahaOM Daridhryadvamsinyai NamahaOM Dhevyai NamahaOM Sarvopadravavarinyai NamahaOM Navadurgayai NamahaOM Mahakalyai NamahaOM Bramhavishnushivatmikayai NamahaOM Trikalajnanasampannayai NamahaOM Bhuwaneshwaryai Namahafor more mp3 go to thenetgod.blogspot.com

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